Hi, welcome to this space that I’m using to collate the things I’m thinking about and working on right now.

The theme that links all of my work (here and elsewhere) is hubris.

Primarily this is through the study of how things “fit” into the systems around them, symbiotically and harmoniously, and moreover what happens when they don’t fit; when they clash, and the consequences of that.

This applies to two main areas:

  1. How people fit into ecosystems – this is the main subject of this site.
  2. How businesses fit into markets – this is the subject of my business, Basic Arts, and for writing on that please head to its website.

In both cases, my broad thesis is that the conditions of the system define the characteristics and behaviour required of the parts within it. If these parts “listen” to the system, and perform the role it has set for them, then it will be good for the health of both the system and the part. If however they disregard the system, and behave independently of it (hubris), then both the system and part will degrade. I call this process of listening to the system and finding fit “systemic strategy“, an introduction to which can be found here.

In business, this ability to find “fit” within the market is the essence of good strategy. For humans, this means finding evolutionary “fit” with nature for long term healthy survival. “Survival of the fittest”, after all, doesn’t mean survival of the most powerful or aggressive; it means survival of that which “fits” best. Aggressive expansion without “fit” is faux success which leads to long term ruin.

Such hubris is, of course, the defining characteristic of people. All other organisms find fit automatically, whereas we overrule the conditions of the system, leading to apparent improvements (which we call “progress”) which are in fact destructive on a macro level.

For an introduction to this idea, this piece provides an initial outline.

To understand how hubris leads to poor societal decision making on a day to day level, check this one out.

Elsewhere on here you will find other pieces which explore this process in a variety of other areas.

Finally, a book is in process on the subject. To be kept up to date on this, or any other writing, please subscribe on the form below, and follow me on Twitter.

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